liberty township
liberty ariel view  

Environmental Commision

Did the salamander cross the Hope Road?

Well yes, after a false start where we convinced ourselves that nothing was going to cross the snow-covered hillside, and folks started heading home, it rained heavily, and Gil spotted a wood frog. After that, it got fairly steady.

Not a main-event crossing, but not bad with some 95 wood frogs, 12 spotted salamanders and 4 Jefferson's and at least 9 peepers - I suspect we miss a lot of the peepers.

Thanks so much to those who came out on what seemed like a wasted journey, and ended up doing a lot of good work: Gil and Diane, Debbie, Tom, Suzanne, Karen, and Kelley.

We will see what next week brings - hopefully another warm-wet early evening so we can catch the main wave.

- Phil

Jefferson Salamander. I put it down for a photo and it scooted under my car! Fortunately it re-emerged for an encore. Jefferson's have Special Concern status in NJ, so it is a treat to see one.

The crew remaining at 10pm.